ask the passengers
Title: Ask The Passengers
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Release Date: 6/7/16
Reviewed by: Olivia
Let me begin by saying everything about this book is pure and true. A.S. King, being one of my favorite authors of ALL-TIME, hooked me in by the time I finished the first chapter.
Ask the Passengers is beautifully poetic and intellectual. King offers controversial points to the reading without pushing it to a radical boundary. And King’s main character, Astrid, is a non-label, non-conformist senior girl in high school about to face the reality that is life. But the thing that keeps her from living the life she wants is not just her unloving mother, her pushy best friend, or the dull and shallow town of Unity Valley she was forced to move to- it’s falling in love.
Before you toss the thought of this book aside after reading that last line, please, hear me out. Astrid Jones is a compelling and intellectual character who isn’t afraid to question the important things in life. Being captivated by Philosophy, her only best friend is the famous philosopher Socrates who appears in her mind as a person of comfort when she grows lost. And by questing the acceptable things in this small town, Astrid finds a blossoming love for a girl. But she, for once, has no idea what to do or how she feels about this.
Set in a small, dull town where anything that’s against the normal, none popular traits in society are immediately a minority- an outcast. Having an obsessive mother against anything abnormal, Astrid’s developing sexuality is a challenge to come out with.
But there is something she can go to find a peace in this mad mind of her’s- airplanes. Laying on picnic benches around her small, stuck-up town she stares up at the skies to watch passengers in airplanes flyby. Using the love she keeps in, Astrid sends all the feelings and thoughts up to them with “I love you” ‘s and questions about what is right and what is wrong.
And these passengers receive the love, feel it- and it changes Astrid’s and their lives completely. With just a few simple, loving words.
This book confronts major social-acceptance problems. Intertwining philosophy, tough decisions, relevant arguments, and important topics, this novel will change how you see society as a whole. I see and think differently now after reading and thinking about the subjects brought up in King’s story- for the better. The characters are crafted nicely to fit within the different things we face and argue with in the social aspects of life, and allegories spring up through characters that make you think, and think, and think.
Being one of the top ten best books I have EVER read and also one of the best books I’ve read this 2014, Ask the Passengers is an unforgettable journey with concepts that will haunt you long after the last page is turned.