It’s Women’s History Month and we’re thinking back to all the female authors that have inspired us!



“I probably talk about her too much, but Julie C. Dao really inspires me. She’s the only author I know that doesn’t force her characters to always be morally upstanding. It’s so realistic within the fantasy realm that she has broken out of standard YA trends. I truly applaud her for taking a risk with the darkness of her stories.”

julie c dao


“Sarah J. Maas will forever be my author role model and writing inspirtation. She is so kind and down-to-earth. At the first singing of hers I attended she had readers sign a copy of her book. Also her books SLAY!”


“Sarah J. Maas hands down. I love every single one of her books. Her writing and characters are so unique and wonderful. She tackles modern problems in a fantasy setting and represents every person ever in her amazing, strong characters.”

sarah j maas


“J. K. Rowling and Harper Lee. They are both incredible writers. J.K. caused lots of people to become readers and really influenced so many people’s lives. Harper Lee wrote a stellar book that talked about issues at the time. She wrote for herself and didn’t really care about being famous.”


“J.K. Rowling!”

jk rowling


“I am most inspired by Noelle Stevenson, creator of Lumberjanes and author of Nimona. She tells the stories that she wants to, and her writing/drawing is creative, witty, and beautiful.”




“Marie Lu inspires me. She writes books that are fresh and exciting. You can’t expect a happy ending but you won’t fail to get an amazing one. Even though LEGEND wasn’t my favorite, THE YOUNG ELITES can bring tears to my eyes, and WARCROSS a spike of electricity to my heart. As an added bonus, her characters are diverse and not walking tropes!”

marie lu