Title: Infandous
Author: KaraThomas
Release Date: 4/19/2016
Reviewed by: Haley

Once upon a time, a young girl is living in the shadow of her mother’s beauty.  Her name is Sephora Goulding, and she’s hiding a secret.  A secret so large, so incapacitating, she can’t tell anyone.

So what does a girl as mysterious as Sephora do to distract herself?  Art.  And when she’s not scrounging parts for her sculptures, she’s reading fairy tales.  Not the Disney versions, but the originals.  You know, the real stories, without pixie dust and happily ever afters.  Thetruth.

Sephora believes that if her life were a story, she would be a minor character.  We’re talking about third tree from the left.  Her mother would be the star.  Her stunning, memorable, outgoing, perfect mother.

The question is, what secret is Sephora hiding?  What secret is too dark, too deep to tell anyone?  And what will happen when Sephora’s story is finally told?  Will she get her happily ever after?


Okay.  I love fairy tales, and Infandous is filled with the stories of Sleeping Beauty, Greek gods and goddesses, and countless other tales. Can you say a mythology lover’s dream?!  Plus, this book is super poetic.  Like seriously.  If you want some inspirational quotes, then this is the book for you!  Honestly, if We Were Liars and Speak had a baby, it would be Infandous.  If that doesn’t sound super cool to you, then I don’t know what will.  It’s also pretty short, so it’s a great quick-read or rebound book!  And if you were wondering, “infandous” is not a real word.  You should have seen me frantically search the dictionary!  It’s Sephora’s name for something too terrible to be spoken out loud. Infandous by Elana Arnold is a standalone and is out now.  Pick it up!  You won’t regret it.