Have any of your books been optioned for a TV Series or Movie?

Yes. The Lux series has been optioned for a movie series but Hollywood is very slow

with production. They are attempting to pitch it. The Covenant Series has been optioned

for TV.


Do you think about Genres when you start writing a book?

I determine the Genre before I begin writing the books. I like to think New Adult had the

best of both worlds from Young Adult & Adult.


What process do you have before you start writing?

I have a general idea about characters and plot but I really just sit down and start writing.

I try to pick the characters I want before I start writing but as I write, they take on a

personality of their own.


Can you tell us anything about Stay With Me?

It comes out in September. Stay With Me is one of my favorite series to write because it

has suspense in it, which is different from my other series. New Adult has a lot of internal

conflict but I wanted to have external conflict as well.


You juggle lots of series, how do you prepare going into another series?

I don’t work on more than one book at a time. I keep the worlds completely separate.

When I finish writing a book, I have a weird ritual. I take several screen shots and

pictures as well as different versions of the book.



Do you have a favorite character?

It’s hard to choose. It’s kind of like picking a favorite kid. Aiden was really hard to write

because he was so closed off and stand offish. Though I would have to say Aiden is my

favorite but Daemon is a very close second and I like all the girls equally.


Who was the hardest character to write in the Lux series?

Daemon. He was a jerk in Obsidian but I had a lot of fun with him. This is a fine line in

Douchieness and I had to walk that line to keep him charming as well. Dee was also hard

because she is very bubbly and I am not.



**Spoiler Alert** Is it hard to kill characters?

Sometimes it is. I never planned to kill Adam but when I started writing the death scene

Adam was the one I saw. I knew if I was sad about his death, the it would be good. Caleb

was hard to kill as well. I believe in Happily Ever After but it has to be earned. I don’t

want to be traumatized so I don’t want to traumatize my readers.


What is your inspiration to write?

Boredom. I always wanted to be a writer but life got in the way. But, in 2007, I had

nothing to read so I decided to write something and that’s how I started writing again.


Are there any scenes in your books that you’d like to change?

Yes, there are but I try not to dwell on it because I can’t change it.


Can you tell us anything about Seth?

Seth comes back in February 2015 in The Return, a spin-off series of the Covenant.

The Return starts a year after Sentinel ends. He is hunting down everyone who sided with Ares.


What did the note say in Obsidian?

In Opposition, the note is referred to and it gives a good representation of what was in the note.


Do you have a favorite series to write?

I don’t think I can pick. Usually I love the series I’m working on but when the end

comes, I’m ready to end it.


What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I like to garden, read, and watch old zombie movies.


What is your favorite part about writing?

Meeting the readers.


What character do you most relate too?

Katie because of her love of books and Alex because of his internal dialogue


What is your favorite book or series?

Soul Screamer, Demon Trapper, Torn, Sarah J. Mass, Sweet Evil, and the Black Dagger

Brotherhood series.

What inspired you to do the “Bonus Material” scenes from Daemon’s perspective?

So many readers wanted to know what Daemon was thinking and I enjoyed writing in a

Mans POV