picture us in the light


Picture Us In the Light 

Kelly Loy Gilbert

Review by: Ivy

“It means you know who you belong to, and you know whose fates are tied to yours, whether you like it or planned it or not, whether they still exist in the same world with you or they don’t, and I think that’s where everything begins and ends. I think that’s everything.”

Danny Cheng’s life has almost always been the same. He moved to California as a little kid, and has gone to the same school, lived in the same house, and had the same friends for as long as he can remember. His parent’s past has always been a sensitive subject, but when Danny finds a mysterious box that reveals much more than he ever could have wanted, everything in his perfectly controlled life begins spiraling out of control.

I don’t quite know how to describe Picture Us in the Light since there are so many levels to it’s emotional and honest plot. The sincerity that Gilbert infuses into Danny’s life is heartbreaking and sometimes slightly unrealistic, but all the while engaging and relatable.

There are many different layers and plotlines in Picture Us in the Light, as it skips around in time and point of view. It was sometimes difficult to keep track of the timeline, but by the end, I had a full picture of Danny’s life, which I can assume was the intended purpose.

It didn’t feel like anything new in its essence, but I enjoyed having my heartstrings pulled at in a gentle and familiar way. Perfect for fans of Jandy Nelson and John Green, Picture Us in the Light will leave you crying, sighing, and satisfied.