Pick a color any color and get ready to taste the rainbow of amazing YA Lit!

Reviews by: Maddy



Red: Heartless


If this book was to be described in a single word it would be the color of the rainbow it represented. It was red with passion, love and loathing every moment sending bright flares of adrenaline down your spine. You will go on an emotional rollercoaster that will make your heart feel like its about to burst. Marissa Meyer brings to life one of the craziest villains of disney history: The Queen Of Hearts. In an origin story that gives off serious maleficent vibes the main character may be bad, but reading about her is just so good. Everything ties in beautifully with the original story while twisting your view of wonderland with every chapter. When you are done with this books you will be so broken you will wish you were heartless.


Orange: Freakonomics


Freakonomics is a book that will turn your way of thinking about the world on your head. It gives you answers you didn’t realize you needed, and connects everything of the world into one interlocking spiderweb of cause and correlation. Some books you read for the entertainment but this book you read for the inspiration. Just as Sherlock Holmes makes you want to solve crimes, Freakonomics will make you want to find answers. This book was so spectacular that despite having to read it for school, I still loved this book.


Yellow: Batman: Nightwalker

batman nightwalker

Batman: Nightwalker bridges the gap between that fateful day in the alley and the Dark Knight protecting the city of Gotham. Bruce wayne is a young billionaire, following in his parents footsteps. But when he steps on the toes of the law, he is sentenced to community service at arkham asylum. There he will meet madeline, his key to solving the mysteries of the nightwalkers; a dangerous group of criminals killing gothams elite. Yet as he dives deeper into the mystery, will he be able to hold out against the cunning madeline and uncover their plans before it’s too late? A book that could have easily become fanservice, instead gave a new dimension to Batman with a beautiful story that was not only action packed and maniacally fun but vulnerable and subduing. Characters like harvey dent get more time, and even arkham asylum gets a special shone on it that  makes everything about gotham feel more real and alive. Marie Lu makes you feel like your own detective gordon as you try to piece together the puzzle she has laid throughout the pages, adding an extra depth of suspense. Whether your a fan of the dark vigilante or not, this book won’t disappoint.


Green: The Waking Land

the waking land

For a fantasy book about battle and betrayal, The Waking Land is at its heart a book about love. Not just the kind that makes your heart flutter, but the love you feel for your bed and for your family and for your friends. It’s a story about personal growth and finding who you are, but instead of prom night it’s bringing forests to life and summoning the dead. Lady Elanna has grown up under a king who loved her like a daughter, nevermind that he pointed a gun to her head and to her away from her family and her homeland. that was years ago from a world she was ready to forget, but after the king is murdered she finds that her old home isn’t ready to forget the world. As Elanna is forced to flee she must choose what side she lays on in a civil war: the side she grew up with or the people who her history and the land that calls to her. This book lifts you up and will make you cry not just in the moments of grand despair but in the small moments that reach just too close to home. You will without a doubt be lost in the pages and the rich world that Callie Bates creates with love, magic and family.


Blue: Warcross


Warcross needs to be moved to the top of your TBR list. It is everything that sci fi should be, merging today with a sparkling vision of what our tomorrow may hold. Emika lives in a world ingrained in virtual reality. After hacking into the opening ceremony of the warcross tournaments, she is offered an assignment by the creator of the game himself: Hideo Tanaka. Her job, to find the dangerous Zero who is trying to unravel the world of Technology and paper come to a perfect crescendo as you follow Emika through the dangerous yet alluring world of virtual reality and through the streets of tokyo. Warcross combines everything from romance (Hideo will make you swoon), video games, action, and fantastic character sall within a twisting and wild yet cohesive plot that doesn’t disappoint from beginning to end.  Marie Lu wrote a book that could be classified as a drug because it’s so exhilarating. You will regret not having read this book sooner.


Purple: Becoming Jinn

becoming jinn

Becoming Jinn will make you feel like it’s summer. Set in beachy california, it follows the life of Azra, a young jiin who was just granted her powers and the with them the servitude that she desperately wishes to avoid. As azra begins her newest chapter she must find ways to deal with what it means to be jinn and what she risked losing and what she already has lost. Yet as she dives deeper and deeper into a world of magic she discovers dark secrets lurking beneath the surface. This book is what happens when you fuse realistic fiction and fantasy. The story is light and exciting, full of a mixture of teen angst (without feeling like it was written by a cynical old man) and blissful family love that will remind you of a movie dubbed “light-hearted family fun”. Becoming Jinn is the perfect book for a slow day or to read in the bath. Its relaxing and sweet like that sunny summer day that we all crave.