Sure, summer is just around the corner (Can we get an Amen!), but while things are still crazy for the next few weeks it’s important to take precautions to prevent the saddeningly sudden and severely solemn school book slump!


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The title pretty much says it all, but allow me to elaborate.

School is an intense commitment. I mean you attend it 8 hours a day 5 days a week and do homework and play sports and participate in clubs in the name of it. All of these things tend to pile up on us though, and our TBR piles begin to grow in turn.

All this work and all those commitments can get stressful and take up a lot of our time. As a result, us readers lose a lot of time to do what we love most. And, without our escape, everything around us just grows more overwhelming and then we have even less time to read and… you see what I’m getting at. It’s a seemingly endless cycle that results in a book slump and added stress.

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So, I’ve devised 8 tips and tricks to try to squeeze in a little extra time to read while still being productive for school related tasks. These have helped me out a lot and hopefully they help you bring more reading into your busy life.





Read after you finish a testbritney.gif

Reading post test is really relaxing and helps you take your mind off the grade you’re probably going to get on it. Even if there is an assignment to start right after, it’s okay to take 5-10 minutes for yourself to read that book you’ve been dying to get into.

Read before you go to bed

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I know, I know, that’s stradling a dangerous line, but some days your only free time is when you go to sleep. Set a timer for half an hour and muster some serious self control when time is up and get to bed. Reading can either help you relax before you nod off or draw in so close to the story that your timer scares the crap out of you. Regardless, it’s a good time to block out for a good book.

Reward reading

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Use books as a reward for completing work. For every couple of pages of that math review you complete, you can read a chapter of one of the neglected books sitting in that never ending to-be-read pile stacked in your bedroom corner. Again, some serious self control is needed here, but it’s totally doable.

Reading on the bus

bus reading.gif

Most people take a bus or car to school and that’s a perfect time to get in some before/ after school reading. (I read Everything, Everything in a span of two bus rides). But don’t read and drive, that’s dangerous. Get an audiobook.


audio book

I know they’re just not the same as a physical book but they’re easier for in-between classes and on-the-go listening. Just swap out some of your music time for an audio book and try to get some reading in in a different manner.

Read during lunch

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Okay, this one isn’t a go to. I recommend you use lunch to socialize a little, eat, and catch up on any work you might have, because while it seems like a perfect time to read, you don’t want to miss out on the fun parts of school. But, if the situation calls for it, reading a book for a little mental escape midday is totally fine.

Join a club


Most schools have some form of book club of library group that meets to read or discuss books or plan school author events. Participating in a club like that would help take a piece of your day and set it aside for reading and talking with other people who also struggle with fitting reading in all the time. Plus, it’s an extracurricular which is beneficial and (hopefully) it’ll be something fun added to your day.

Assigned reading


I know I know, school books are usually boring and terrible and whatnot, but sometimes they aren’t. When you have an option to choose a book to read for school, actually look at the options and pick a book you think you might enjoy. It’ll be reading that’s homework, meaning you can read the book without neglecting your grades, and you may be surprised by the quality of some of the books you choose.
By Colleen