Could You Survive the Night and Solve the Mystery in White Rabbit?

white rabbit

ONE: You get a call from your step-sister, begging you to come to a cabin in the middle of the woods, and to bring help. You talk for less than a minute before the line goes dead. You:

  1. Go directly to her aid, heading in alone. You never let down your family.
  2. Tell a friend and create a plan of attack before leaving. You care about your sister, but this sounds pretty shifty.
  3. Don’t do anything. You’re at a party, and this is probably just a prank anyway.


If you chose A: While on the road, a car passes you, then turns around, and begins to follow you. When you reach the cabin, you barely get out of the car before a shotgun fires. You do not survive the night.

If you chose B: You take your friend’s car, both of you nervous and jumpy as you make your way to the cabin. You see no vehicles on the road or in the driveway of the cabin. Continue to two.

If you chose C: You stay at the party, before heading home in the early morning. As the sun rises, you get a text from your mom: Your step-sister had been arrested for murder, and the police want you in for questioning as the last person she contacted. You survive the night, but do not solve the mystery.


TWO: You enter the cabin, only to find your step-sister crouched over a dead body. She’s practically delirious and surrounded by spilled drugs. You:

  1. Get her cleaned up, ask what happened. You don’t want her to get in trouble, and this definitely seems like a setup.
  2. Leave immediately. She probably doesn’t even remember she called you, and this is not the kind of mess you want to get involved in.
  3. Call the police. You love your sister, but there’s so much evidence against her, and justice must be served.


If you chose A: You drag her to the shower, clean off the spilled blood and vomit, and lay her down on a bed. She wakes up quickly, and vigorously confirms that she is not the killer. You help her clean her prints off the knife, and clear all evidence against her in the house. Continue to three.

If you chose B: You drive back to your own house, the party seeming pretty uninviting after what you’ve just seen. You wake up next morning with the police at your door, saying they want to question you about your step-sister’s involvement in a murder. You survive the night, but do not solve the mystery.

If you chose C: The police say it will take them over 20 minutes to get out to the cabin, and you should stay safe until they arrive. You head upstairs, planning to hunker down in a bedroom, but as you swing open the door, you hear a shotgun fire. You do not survive the night.


THREE: She tells you that she was at a party in this cabin, there was some yelling, which evolved into fighting, and she doesn’t remember much after that. You:

  1. Press her for more information. There’s too much evidence against her, and she’s got to be hiding something.
  2. Talk to your step-dad. You hate him, but he’s got a lot of influence in this town, and she’s more his problem than yours.
  3. Go find the other people who were at the party. She seems pretty freaked out, and you don’t want to make her mad if she is the killer.


If you chose A: She refuses to talk, and you argue with her for a few minutes. You’re both overheating with anger, but you continue to press her. The stress and confusion of the night finally snap her, and she sinks the only nearby weapon into your chest. She gasps as she does it, saying she misjudged the distance, that it was an accident… You do not survive the night.

If you chose B: Your step-dad is reluctant to pick up the phone, but jumps into his car when you tell him what happened. As soon as he arrives, he forces you to leave. You head home and turn on the news. It lulls you to sleep, and when you wake up the next morning, the screen is plastered with a story of a teenage suicide that took place in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere last night. There is nothing discussing  your step-sister involvement. You survive the night, but do not solve the mystery.

If you chose C: She gives you their phone numbers and addresses, but you still feel like she’s holding something back. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find out more from the other party-goers.

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