For Every One

by Jason Reynolds

for everyone

Review by: Olubunmi

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For Every One by Jason Reynolds is a book of poetry that is definitely different from many others I’ve read. While Jason Reynolds is quite easily my favorite author, I was particularly thrilled when my favorite author wrote in my favorite genre: poetry. I’m definitely biased when I say this may be one of the best books to come out this spring, but I’m positive I can convince you of my point.

For Every One is a small book sectioned off into different chunks, each a sizable poem that can be read as spoken word (and has been read as such). The sections touch different topics, but altogether they weave an important message that is for everyone. It gives a real life perspective on what a dream could have meant in your younger years versus your older years inspired by Reynolds’ personal experience with how goals and dreams change throughout life. As an aspiring writer his words were so valuable to me, because it felt like someone had sat me down and told me the truth about what it could mean to be an author. It’s a wake up call because his message is all-inclusive and honest. The book is not a “how-to” manual, and it’s not milk and honey, but it is honest. It’s his message to his readers, barefaced and loud.

This book has found a special place in my heart. This book isn’t for the artistic, the creative, the boring or the militant. It isn’t for any particular skin color or regional preference. It is for everyone. Every person who has ever dreamed of becoming something or someone. It’s a message to dreamers. A message for everyone.