summer of broken things

The Summer of Broken Things

by: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Review by: Rosie

Avery Armisted is sure she can convince her dad to forget his ridiculous idea to make her go to Spain with him. She’s sure she can get him to let her go to soccer camp instead. After all, if she wants to make the highschool team she has to practice.
Kayla Butts is estatic when she hears that she is invited by her childhood friend to go to Spain with them. Her only worry is that she hasn’t seen Avery in years. What if they don’t get along? What if Avery makes fun of her like everyone else? And worst of all, what if she is still “butt-girl” in Spain?
Yet, Spain isn’t quite as magical as Kayla was hoping. The girls struggle to survive in the heartbreak and unknown of Spain. Secrets come out. Secrets that could bring the girls together or tear them and their families apart.
The author does a great job of weaving together the two tales of completely different girls without making the book cliche. She shows the different aspects of each girl’s life and draws you in for every minute of it.