June has come and gone, but our LOVE and PRIDE! never disappear. 

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Here’s just a couple of our favorite LGBTQIA+ YA titles: 


Ivy’s Picks: 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: 

aristotle and dante

Sweet and poetic, Ari and Dante is one of the best YA books out there, and with a sequel coming out sort of soon, there’s no better time to join this novel’s legion of fans.


Let’s Talk About Love:

let's talk about love

Packed full of queer representation, this super awesome and super cute love story is obviously going to stick around for a while. 

The Art of Being Normal:

the art of being normal

An insightful and fresh book full of twists that will leave you happy, if a bit emotionally ravaged. 
Colleen’s Pick:

They Both Die at the End:

they both die at the end

“They Both Die at The End” was the first Adam Silvera book that I picked up, and it was an entirely unique and meaningful experience. The concept of the novel was interesting, but what made the story great was the characters; their journeys and self discoveries. It was incredible and enlightening and heartbreaking all in one. I absolutely loved the book and I took so much away from it. The story may have taken place over the course of a day, but its words will stick with any reader for a lifetime.  

Bunmi’s Pick:

The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza:

elena mendoza

This book is one of my absolute favorite because it not only centers around a bisexual Latina, but it shows her struggles with her sexuality regarding her peers. This book is focusing on the end of the world (or rather, avoiding it) and uses Elena not as the bisexual friend of the protagonist, and not the faceless side character, and definitely not just comic relief. This book has its ups and downs, but Elena is witty, awkward, and has the biggest crush on the most unwitting person imaginable. This book navigates the end of the world through a queer eye, so I hope you love it just as much as me!

Maddy’s Picks:



Although Eon herself masks herself as a man at the beginning, that is in no way the Trans rep I am referring to. After being chosen by the Mirror Dragon she is thrown into a court of danger and magic, where she meets her best friend and my favorite character: Lady Dela. Dela is a trans woman who faces a lot of discrimination but is still kind and always looks out for others. She is one of the only trans characters I have seen in a fantasy series.


Picture Us In The Light: 

picture us in the light

“Because if you’re tangled up in someone else, if your futures are tied that way, if that’s real and if you know when it happens – then it means you know who you belong to, and you know whose fates are tied to yours, whether you like it or planned it or not, whether they still exist in the same world with you or they don’t, and I think that’s where everything begins and ends. I think that’s everything”