At our last meeting, we had a great conversation about what and who inspires us to vote, and what characters we would vote into office if they were real. 

Here’s what they came up with: 

What books inspire you to make change in the world? 

Ivy: Anger Is A Gift, The Hate U Give, and other books about teenagers taking action and inspiring change in their community.

Addison: Someone Like Me, Harry Potter 


Karen: A Heart in a Body in the World 

a heart in a body


Julia: The Alchemist 

the alchemist


Sumayyah: There wasn’t just one book. There was a multitude of events that led me to believe that books, such as Brave New World, teach impressionable teens or adults even, that not every world is perfect, but you can get close without damaging it even more.

brave new world


Maddy: I think the books that create the greatest change are the books that evoke the greatest empathy and the greatest emotions. For me the book that makes me want to act the most, that reminds me of what I can do is The Black Witch. Even though it is fantasy it hits so close to current politics and hatred, and shows action not just reaction.


If you could vote a fictional character into office, which character would it be and to what office? 

Ivy: Starr (The Hate U Give) – President (strong, good leader); Inej Ghafa (Six of crows series) – Vice President (powerful, direct); Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – Secretary of State (organized, resilient, doesn’t mind being behind the scenes), Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) – Secretary of Education (understands people, learns differently).

Karen: I’d vote for Hermione Granger as President

Maddy: Wonder Woman for President because I trust her and everything she fights for is what we currently don’t  have right now. Aelin Galathynius (Throne of Glass series) also President, because she united an entire world under one rule and inspires everyone she meets and creates unity that doesn’t persist before she is there. And she’s a bad ass!