The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart


the sacrifice box

Review by: Ivy

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A dark and deep YA thriller from across the pond in the style of classic 80s horror fiction. When strangely familiar things start happening in their hometown, five friends must reunite to fight monsters and untangle the terrifying history of a mysterious box hidden deep in the woods. The characters and their relationships were so interesting, and while the idea was obviously inspired by classic thrillers, it was still very original and cool. This book is so cinematic, I want nothing more than to see it adapted to the screen. Overall, it was a nasty and terrifying book that somehow also made some really good points about love, and all it’s different forms.

Rating: Five Haunted Teddy Bears/Five


For Fans Of: Stephen King, Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, Stranger Things


Favorite Quotes:

  • “Sometimes death is great kindness, and you must be brave.”
  • “The only there is in the world, at the end, is love.”
  • “My mum said that, when the world’s tearing itself apart, love is the only thing that can fix everything… That if we just loved each other a little more, all the darkness would go away.”
  • “We’re all little miracles,” she said, “everything about us: all our stupid habits and our jokes and our weird faces, on a spinning ball that’s the perfect distance from the sun. And now here we are, you and me, sitting on top of a million years of history.”