“This is a house full of misfits, everyone unmoored from the world outside these gates. They don’t belong out there. They live in a constantly moving dreamworld of imagined horrors, spurts of gore, skulking monsters—creatures more aberrant than themselves. After all, it takes true misfits to make believable monsters.”


scream all night

Scream All Night by Derek Milman 

Review by: Ivy 

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Dario Heyward is ready to move on from his traumatic childhood and explore the world he was too long sheltered from. But, when he gets a phone call notifying him of his father’s death, Dario’s forced to relieve it all as he travels back to Moldavia, the castle-turned-horror-movie-studio where he spent the first twelve years of his life surrounded by monsters, some less fictional than others. Dario must decide whether or not to reconnect with the people who worshipped his father or cut the poisoned roots that won’t let him forget about the past.

I’ve never read a book like Scream All Night. The idea is wholly original, the writing is cinematic and bold, the characters are complex, and the setting is *chef kiss*. It’s relatable to horror movie fans and horror movie haters alike, the themes of innocence and community strongly prevalent throughout.

The writing style is frank and honest. We get inside Dario’s head but are still able to view the story without bias. It’s very dramatic and visual, and I was often surprised by the detailed descriptions and metaphors hiding in this unassuming contemporary novel.

Scream All Night is perfect for fans of Andrew Smith or The Great American Whatever, as it’s a unique, heartfelt, and cinematic novel. Witness the sights and sounds of Dario Heyward, a happy teenager forced to relive his traumatic childhood in an insanely spooky movie studio, and prepare to scream all night at the horrific tragedy of an unraveling family left to rot in Moldavia, a castle with far too many skeletons in its closet…