Run, Hide, Fight Back by April Henry


run hide fight back

Review by: Ivy 

On Sale: August 2019


Since this book doesn’t come out for a while, I hope it will go through some more revisions to tighten up the many parts of the book that felt messy. On the other hand, it was a really interesting book, and the plot was solid. Shootings are one of the biggest topics in America right now, and to explore how one would affect six teenagers is cool. I like most of the characters, but the MC, Miranda, has a confusing and convoluted history. I didn’t really like her, and she seemed only there as an audience surrogate, never really doing anything. There was no happiness in this book, but it’s definitely worth reading, even if you have to fight (ha) your way through it. Rating: Three/Five

For Fans Of: Realistic Thrillers, Books With Twists, Short But Snappy Books

Favorite Quote:

  • “But stuff like that always happened to someone else. It would never happen to you.”