Social Intercourse by Greg Howard


social intercourse

Review by: Ivy 

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What The Hate U Give did showing that racial prejudice still exists in America, Social Intercourse does by portray the homophobia of the South. That said, this isn’t a sad book. It’s a Parent Trapesque rom-com with reality checks dropped every so often. Social Intercourse was a good read, and definitely worth it, but the one thing I didn’t really like was the main characters. While they did have their good moments, most of the time I just wanted them to go away. I did love the secondary characters, the friends and parents. They were silly, and sometimes cliche, but I liked that they seemed to be just as fleshed out as the MCs. This book goes into the category of “I Read It Cause It’s Gay, I Probably Wouldn’t Have Read It For Any Other Reason.” If you too have a theoretical category like that, you’ll love it! If not, do whatever you want. Rating: Four/Five

For Fans Of: Openly Straight, Becky Albertalli, There Goes Sunday School

Favorite Quotes:

  • “This prom sounds about as sexy as Vacation Bible School.”
  • “Don’t worry so much about labels. Just love who you love and never be ashamed of it.”
  • “Shit,” I yell at the stars, and shake my fist at… the moon, I guess, for lack of a better target.”