“But I am a wildflower and will stand against the gales. Rare and uncultivated, difficult to find, impossible to forget.”

petticoats and piracy

The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy 

Mackenzi Lee 

Review by: Ivy


Felicity Montague finally got the epic adventure she deserved. While the title led me to expect a bit more piracy, the non-sea-based adventures were still awesome, and the new characters we got to meet made up for it. Overall, the story was completely unexpected, but I still loved it.

Mackenzi Lee is one of the greatest YA authors right now. Her detailed historical research and fantastic writing taking her books to the next level. A fierce feminist fantasy/adventure filled with strong character development and a soaring plot that makes Lady’s Guide stand out as one of the best YA novels this year.

Rating: Five slobbering dogs/five

For fans of: Seafire by Natalie C. Parker, The Radical Element, That one part of The Hunger Games when Katniss says “Thank you for your consideration.”


Favorite Quotes

  • “Thank God for friends who learn to speak to you in your own language rather than making you learn theirs.”
  • “I want to know it all so badly it feels like a bird trapped inside my chest, throwing its body against my rib cage in search of the strong wind that will carry it out into the world. I would tear myself open if it meant setting it free.”
  • “It is not a failure to readjust my sails to fit the water I find myself in. It’s a new heading. A fresh start.”
  • “I’m learning there is no one way for life to be lived, no one way to be strong or brave or kind or good. Rather there are many people doing the best they can with the heart they are given and the hand they are dealt. Our best is all we can do, and all we can hold on to is each other. And, zounds, that is more than enough.”