Review by Karen

Author: Lauren James

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe Cover Image

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James is about a girl who was born in space. Her parents died in an accident that is hinted at throughout the course of the story, so she is left alone to care for the ship carrying hundreds of people waiting to be woken up once they reach the planet that they will attempt to colonize due to Earth’s declining condition. Her only human contact are video and audio messages from her therapist back on earth sent with major delays as they travel through deep space.


One day Romy gets a message from NASA informing her that a newer faster ship, the Eternity, is coming to meet her ship, the Infinity, and cut her journey to the new planet in half. She is overjoyed, not just because of the shortened trip, but because she will finally have someone to keep her company. As she receives messages from NASA and the Eternity she realizes that something has happened on earth and Romy doesn’t know who she can trust anymore. She soon finds that maybe being alone isn’t so bad.


As Romy’s journey takes a turn for the worse her connection with her therapist has been cut off completely and she is all alone in space. In a Passengers meets The Space Between us novel, captain Romy Silvers tries to successfully captain her ship and keep all of her frozen-in-time passengers safe.


While I was reading this book I thought I knew where it was going, I was so wrong. As the story progresses the reader tries to piece together the incident that killed Romy’s parents, and tries to determine who Romy should trust. This is an action-packed space adventure-gone-wrong book with a twist. I loved the freshness of the story and I was left wanting more of James’ writing. The story has a strong female protagonist who must outsmart all the adults and men trying to control her ship, and Romy learns that she can’t just wait for someone to come rescue her, she has to rescue herself.


This was one of the first books in a while with an ending that truly shocked me. I couldn’t put it down and I absolutely loved reading about Romy and her life on a spaceship traveling far, far away from earth. I would recommend this book to any fans of space stories like The Martian, Passengers, and the Space Between us, and anyone looking for a fresh new story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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