I love this series! These books are the definition of a page-turner. As soon as I finished one, I was immediately ordering the next. If you need a series just to get lost in and have fun with, I definitely recommend this one. There are lots of mysteries, magic systems, and subplots, with no detail left unthought of! 

The Keeper of the Lost Cities follows the story of Sophie, a 12-year old girl who just can’t seem to fit into the normal world. The reason for this? She is an elf. And not just any elf, she is extremely talented, and possibly dangerous. There are so many secrets surrounding Sophie, that even she can’t comprehend, but she wants to. With the help of her new friends she discovers how to better fit into the elven world, and more importantly, discover who she really is, and what she was made for. As the books progress the plot thickens and the world becomes even more immersive. This book series is a keep-you-up-all-night, adventure-with-a-touch-of-romance thriller, and I highly recommend it!

Another thing I absolutely love about these books, was all the characters (especially), and KeeperI truly believe that they help bring this story to life! The connections formed between Sophie and her friends, her adoptive parents, her bodyguard, an ogre princess, and rebel organizations add so much intrigue and dimension to the plot. I definitely recommend these books if you have been longing to get lost in a new world, or need help getting out of a reading slump. This series is bound to hook even the most reluctant reader! Between the complex magic systems, the never ending mysteries, the love triangle romance, and hilarious and memorable characters, I am confident in saying that this is by far one of my FAVORITE series of all time!

The Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 8 comes out November 5th this year, and I hope you’ll join me for its much anticipated release! You can pre-order from BookPeople here.

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Review by: Ava