“I already told you: I’m your friend.

And friends don’t let friends live small lives.”


When I first found out that Faith Erin Hicks and Rainbow Rowell were partnering to write a graphic novel, I was excited. When I read it was going to be set in a pumpkin patch, I was excited. When I realized it was going to be in full color by the awesome Sarah Stern, I was excited. When I managed to get a signed copy, I was excited. And when I finished reading Pumpkinheads last night, I was excited to read it again today. 

To start, Rainbow Rowell’s writing is perfectly paced, nuanced and natural. Her characters are amazing. We all know this. And I’m going to keep talking about it. Josiah and Deja are wonderful, beautiful people with just enough internal conflict to stay interesting. While I loved Deja and the (pumpkin) spice she brought to their last night at the patch, Josiah was my favorite, if not just for his reaction shots. 

Speaking of reactions, Faith Erin Hicks has once again hit the pumpkin on the head with her art. Somehow she uses bold and sketchy lines to create pie-ctureque pages without it becoming chaotic because she’s a drawing witch, I guess. Her panels and lettering must employ a similar spell as your eyes flow seamlessly through scenes, nothing showy or practical drawing your attention away from the story, which was perfect for the tone of this book. 

I would be amiss if I didn’t dedicate more words to Sarah Stern’s patch-perfect coloring. You can flip through the novel and see time pass as the lighting changes, which is extraordinary! (you know a book’s good when you have to look up synonyms for ‘incredible.’) She brings a vibrant and authentically autumnal feeling to a pumpkin patch that could’ve ended up being a mess of muddled browns and oranges.

Squash your doubts and pick up a copy, because this book will put an autumn in your step no matter the season. Rainbow Rowell, Faith Erin Hicks and Sarah Stern are surely some sort of Halloween queen triumvirate because only pure October magic could’ve produced something this perfect. Far from sucking-otash, and I don’t mean to get too kettle-corny, Pumpkinheads is pure gourdness. Rating: five Pumpkin Bombs/five

For fans of: Autumn, Food, and/or General Happiness

Review by: Ivy