By Victoria 

Q: My first question is how are you liking Austin so far? 

Katy Rose Pool: I’ve actually been to Austin before! My brother went to business school here and my cousin used to live here and had her baby here, so I’ve visited a lot before. I love the city, I have a lot of Texan relatives so I feel a sort of kinship with the Texas spirit. But yeah! I really love Austin, I think it’s a beautiful city, very cool and obviously like growing a lot. So yeah, hopefully I get to come back and spend a little more time here. 

Q: How do you like the festival? How has it been going for you so far? 

KRP: So far, great! I mean, it’s 11:15 in the morning so… but yeah! So far it’s been really great, we had like a little author welcome thing last night which was very fun to just meet the other authors that were going to be at the festival. That’s always a really fun part of it. And then now getting to do this with you is so great. I feel like I always have a good time when I actually get to interact with readers and with teens in particular, so I’m very excited. 

Q: Okay so now for the very serious questions. Sweet or Savory? 

KRP: Savory. 

Q: What’s your favorite word? 

KRP: Ooooh. So someone asked me this question on Twitter recently and I was like thinking about it. I feel like I can’t just pick one, but like…I really like the word (this is really random) Suffused. I don’t know why! I use it a lot, I always find it in my writing and I have to like go in and take it out because I’m using it too much. Yeah, I really like it. 

Q: pen, pencil, or computer?

KRP: Computer.

Q: Winter or Summer? 

KRP: Winter. But I live in California, so my winters are like fake. 

Q: What’s your latest Netflix binge?

KRP: Lately, I have been watching The Magicians. Me and my sister have been watching that together. 

Q: Are there any authors that you’ve been fangirling over? 

KRP: Yes! Well a lot of the authors who are here are debuts like me, not all of them, but a lot of them are, so I’m really enjoying getting to spend time with like Margaret Owen, Kat Cho, and Brittney Morris which I got to meet at BookCon so it’s exciting getting to see her again and Rory Power, who is next to me on the bookshelf a lot of the times. 

Q: What ice cream flavor would you consider yourself to be? 

KRP: Earl Gray Ice cream. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to write?

KRP: In my office, which is a new room that I have now! I did not have an office before, so my answer would have been I don’t know like a cafe or something. But I now have an office in my apartment and I’m slowly making it pretty and I’m just enjoying having a dedicated place to write and it’s really special. 

Q: What do you do when you have writer’s block? 

KRP: I will usually either talk to a friend. I usually talk to my sister, I’ll talk to her about things that I’m stuck on, things that I can’t figure out…we take walks together and talk about that kinda stuff. I will take a break, just walk away for a day and do something else, maybe read a book and see if that unsticks something. And then when it really comes down to it I will just write through it and write basically the worst possible version of what I’m trying to write so that at least I have something to work off of. 

Q: What’s some advice that you would give to some debut authors? 

KRP: I would say…um…do the work. I think that there are so many things that you can stress over as a debut and that I’ve certainly stressed over as a debut that are really outside of your control when it comes down to it. And there really not a reflection of you anyway. So I think the most important thing you can do as a debut is finish your book, write your next book…that’s the thing that is gonna matter at the end of the day.  

Q: Because you’re debut author, how has the whole publishing process been for you? 

KRP: It’s honestly been really great. For my first book–I’m working on the sequel to There Will Come A Darkness right now, but for the first book, I had pretty heavily edited that before we went on submission with it; which was a really long and storied process. But once we finally sold the book it was in pretty good shape so the editing process was pretty light, and then the process of the marketing and publicity, things you don’t even think about when you are first selling a book, that’s also been really great! I really love the team at Macmillan, I love fierce reads, I love the process of getting your cover art. So yeah it’s been really great honestly. 

Q: What character was the most fun to write? 

KRP: I feel they were all fun for me at different points in the process. I really liked writing Anton because I think he has a little more humor than some of the other characters, so he’s really fun to write in those moments. I really liked writing Beru because she surprised me a lot and I feel like my characters don’t tend to do that I usually have a pretty good idea of what they are doing and why but she really surprised me. I really loved writing Jude because I just feel really comfortable in his voice and his sort of outlook on the world while very specific to his experience. I think he is someone I just feel comfortable writing his voice. 

Q: Is there one specific character you relate to the most? 

KRP: I mean similar answer, I think they all of them have  parts of me in them and none of them are very much like me at all at the same time. So for instance, Ephyra really loves her sister, I really love my sister, and if I had to murder someone for my sister I would. If I had too! Hassan I think is similar to be in that he really loves history and he always thinks that he can come up with a solution to a problem through thinking and he’s very much that Ravenclaw side of me. Jude I think is similar to me because we are both people where when something is going on with us and we are having issues we don’t really want anyone else to know. His whole thing is trying to maintain that he’s fine and everything is gonna be fine, hes gonna do everything hes supposed to do and I definitely relate to that. Anton I think also has one of my, I guess, more negative traits which is kind of trying to avoid all of his problems and just run away and not face them which is definitely something I can relate too. So yeah they all these little pieces of me but none of them are similar to me very much at all. 

Q: what inspired you to write in different POV’s? 

KRP: I just really love stories like that. I would read Game of Thrones or other fantasy books like that with different points of view, and I just love that form. I love being able to see different aspects of the world and the plot from different perspectives. I also love to see when these characters come in contact with each other when their paths cross, those are really fun moments to write and I just love it. 

Q: How did you come up with the title? 

KRP: That’s a great question! We just approved the title for the second book- which I can’t tell you, but its good!- and as we were brainstorming titles for it, I was thinking “how did I come up with There Will Come A Darkness like it just sort of popped into my head and I just wrote it down. I was like maybe 50 pages into the first draft and I was like “This book is called There Will Come A Darkness,” done! And I never thought of it again! So that was the title the whole time and I was like, “Great!” and then it came time to title book 2 and I was like well…what do I do! So yeah it was like a really easy process for the first book. 

Q: Last question, if you could describe your book in three words. What would they be? 

KRP: I would say… “secrets”. Maybe “history”–even though it isn’t a historical book history is very important to the book. And maybe like “fears” because I feel like each of the characters has a greatest fear that they have to face in the book.