9780316458214Interview by: Xander

Guess what, friends? We learned a big lesson recently: IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK! Pete Souza, former Official White House Photographer, was coming to the store to celebrate the paperback release of his book, Shade. So we asked him, we said, “Hey Pete? Would you be up for an interview with the Teen Press Corps?” And he said YES!

Teen Press Corps journalist and book blogger Xander Christou sat down with Souza on November 22nd and discussed his work for President Obama, the 2020 election, the art of throwing shade, travel, and so much more. A huge shout-out to Pete Souza for being an inspiration to people of all ages, and for spreading the good word to go out and VOTE!

Enjoy the interview below!

Signed copies of Shade are available at BookPeople and online here. Just type “SIGNED COPY” at checkout.

Pete Souza has been the Official Chief White House Photographer for the entire tenure of the Presidency of Barack Obama. He has been a professional photographer since the 1970’s and was the Washington Photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times for several years and was an official White House Photographer during the Reagan years. His work has appeared in Life and National Geographic and he is the author of several books.