by Colleen W.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, here’s a poem composed of recommended book titles that you should consume in your continually extending free time (a.k.a. quarantine). Enjoy!

Books to Keep You Company

The Ninth House of hundreds fell to

The Beckoning Shadow today.

The Crescent City is filled with only

Fountains of Silence.


Everyone is thinking

One of Us is Next so people

are Vanishing Deep in their homes.

Even The Best Laid Plans can’t always

stop a Kingdom of Back-wards things.


However, like in that strange play

a Conference of Birds,

A Phoenix First Must Burn.

The Gravity of Us… our fire,

our hope… The Fire Never Goes Out.


The Permanent Record of history

will describe this time as A Curse So Dark and Lonely,

but also as the time people chose to

Carry On, create The Beautiful

memories of things that truly matter,

and Find Light in Hidden Places.