By Colleen

9780062651631A week ago, the internet practically exploded over the latest YA adaptation announcement. Netflix, the platform that, in the past few years, has really embraced film and television adaptations of YA books, recently revealed their plan to bring The Selection to life on screen. 

Much to the internet’s unending excitement, that is. 

Suddenly, Kiera Cass made a wild popularity comeback, with millions of Selection fancasts and newfound buzz for her upcoming novel, The Betrothed. Fans are showing incredible eagerness and hope for this movie, and rightly so. Netflix seems to take care of its YA movie creations and the readers are not afraid to hold them to high standards. 

Here’s everything we know so far… 

The fist Saudi film maker Haifaa Al-Mansour presents her last movie, Madrid, Spain - 04 Mar 2020
Al-Mansour. Photo via Variety: Luca Piergiovanni/EPA-EFE/Shutte
  • The director is Haifaa Al- Mansour, a Saudi Arabian filmmaker who already possesses strong, positive relations with Netflix thanks to her work on “Nappily Ever After” in 2018.
  • We don’t have a cast or release time frame yet.

Like the beginning of most book to movie adaptations, there are hardly any solid facts. However, this fan base is incredibly loyal to the series and Al- Mansour, the producers, and Kiera Cass have all expressed their equal excitement about the project. 

As soon as more updates are released, you can find all of the newest announcements regarding The Selection movie right here 🙂

Until then, who is your ultimate fancast for the characters? Are you hopeful or skeptical or a little bit of both?


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