*Note: This review will be spoiler free. The quiz, however, will not be. Don’t blindly guess to feel smart, you’ll ruin the story.

I know, I know. This book hit the shelves ages ago. But quarantine has all of us turning to old friends for comfort. Luckily, we don’t have to keep six feet from our fictional friends, so I (surprise, surprise) decided to reread the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.


It’s likely you’ve already read this book and/or series, so if that’s the case, fantastic! Read the review, agree or disagree (all good either way, all opinions are valid), then take the quiz to see how well you remember the details of Throne of Glass! If you’re new to Sarah J. Maas, fantasy, or books in general, continue on with the review, then get reading!

This book is an epic, yet approachable fantasy story that anyone can tackle. The characters are complex and enjoyable to read and the dialogue is entertaining and natural. I have so much fun following the characters through their journey in this story as they truly pull you in with each of their unique personalities and quirks.

On top of incredible characters, this fantasy world is thriving and vivid. It’s easy to picture the world and every setting in the book. The magic system in the story is structured in a comprehensible manner but adds new elements throughout the story to continually expand on the wide, rich rules and history of the magic. As the story builds, the magic system thickens and becomes an intriguing aspect of the book, allowing you to discover each new piece of magic alongside the characters.

Overall, this story is simply incredibly entertaining. It has raw moments and hilarious ones. Dark pasts and darker futures intertwined with bright scenes of hope. It tackles oppression, cruelty, and selfishness, combating it with happiness, perseverance, and strength. Throne of Glass delves into how relationships change us, how our pasts reach into our futures, and how loss and fear affect us all. You should definitely give it a read!