Review by: Andi P.

These Violent Delights, by Chloe Gong, is a Romeo and Juliet retelling set in 1920s Shanghai. During this time, the city is brewing with political tension and gang rivalry. Juliette Cai is the heir of the Scarlet Gang, while Roma Montagov is the heir of the rival White Flower Gang, and they have been feuding for centuries. Juliette and Roma are forced to team up when a sickness that causes people to tear their throats out spreads across Shanghai. They must find a cure to the madness before the sickness destroys their beloved city and gangs. 

This book was a historical fantasy, and I loved the setting. Gong’s world-building was great, and the characters were very complex and well written! Juliette is a morally grey character who strives to do what’s best for her family and the Scarlet gang. I loved seeing her growth throughout the book, as well as Roma’s, who was another interesting and fun character to read about. The side characters were equally amazing as well. 

Overall, I thought the first hundred pages or so were a little slow, but soon enough it became a fast paced read that I couldn’t put down! There was a lot of action, angst, some gore, and romance, which all created an entertaining read. The ending was incredible and unexpected, as there was a massive cliffhanger! I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

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