By: Jillian K.

From the time my eyes scanned the first chapter of The Inheritance Games, I was immediately enthralled by the story. The final moments of the first installment left me on the edge of my seat, so much so I was aggravated to wait through the upcoming months for the release of the sequel. I was so ecstatic to have the opportunity to read The Hawthorne Legacy early, and I can gladly say it does not disappoint. Luckily, the wait is almost over, and here are three reasons why you should add The Hawthorne Legacy (coming 9/7 – available for pre-order now!) to your anticipated reads. 

  1. Fast paced chapters- One of the things I greatly appreciate about Jennifer Lynn Barnes writing style is that her work is constantly fast paced. Far too often, sequels are painstakingly slow. However, The Hawthorne Legacy managed to keep up with the quick pace of the previous novel. The opening scene also directly connects to the end of The Inheritance Games, which I found aided in the overall pacing of the novel. 
  2. The Inheritance Mystery- The previous novel left us yearning for the mystery of Avery’s inheritance to reach a conclusion. I often find mystery novels to be too predictable, however, in both of these novels, I was surprised when everything began to fall into place. When all the puzzle pieces come together in The Hawthorne Legacy, I was shocked. The unexpected ending of the novel was rather refreshing, as often YA mystery is quite predictable. 
  3. Enjoyable Romantic Moments- Throughout Avery’s time with the Hawthorne Family, her relationship with young Hawthorne brothers develops. She begins to find herself attracted to both Jameson, the dark, rebellious brother, and Grayson, the more meticulous, caring member of the family. The Hawthorne Legacy continues this mini love triangle. I always am a sucker for a little sprinkle of romance into the main plotline of the novel, so I quite loved this continuation. (and there may be a decision made by Avery between the two boys… )

While there are many more points I’d love to make about the aspects of this novel I enjoyed, there were a few things I would have liked differently. The biggest one of those being, the lack of character development. I felt that the first novel left a large gap for the sequel to give Grayson more time to be better characterized. However his character read more like his characterization had been abandoned. 

Although I would have wanted more characterization, all in all, The Hawthorne Legacy is 100% worth your time!