Review by Ivy M.

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“She’s so beautiful standing there in her golden dress, her diamond and emeralds glittering, but just like the stars and the palace and the entire night, it’s a reminder of how different her life is from mine.”

from Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

Millie Quint just had her heart broken, so naturally, she runs off to Scotland. While attending an elite boarding school on a full scholarship, Millie plans to escape her woes and immerse herself in the beautiful landscape and lifestyle. Things seem perfect until she meets her roommate, a snob named Flora who happens to also be the literal princess of Scotland. Naturally, their bickering turns to flirting, and soon enough Millie is whisked away to royal parties as Flora’s plus one. But fairy tales don’t come true all by themselves, and Millie and Flora’s path to a happily ever after is plenty rocky.

Overall, Her Royal Highness was a sugary sweet surprise, the perfect quick read to pull me out of a slump. The plot was tight and smooth, jumping through Millie’s journey without any stumbles. The romance worked well for me, and I’d be interested in reading more about Millie and Flora in the future. Those looking for a lighter version of books like Red, White, & Royal Blue will love this swoony, escapist, and joyful novel.

Rating: 5 waltzes in the orangery/5

Genre: Romance/LGBTQ+/Travel