Review by Ivy M.

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While not quite overall as ingenious as Bardugo’s previous short stories, The Lives of Saints is as good as companion novels get in my opinion, and at no point feels like the emptiest cash-grab. Knowing the deeper mythos related to each saint not only deepens the meaning of their references in the main series (now I know so many fun facts about each of Inej’s knives!) but also generally enriches the cultural landscape of the Grishaverse, as the stories range in origin from all across the fictional region.

The physical book itself is an essential piece, the gilded cover mimicking The Lives of Saints book seen in the Netflix show and the inside being decorated with dozens of beautiful full-color paintings of each saint, undoubtedly my favorite part of the experience. In the gulf between Shadow and Bone seasons, this book sparked that wonderful excitement about the Grishaverse that I haven’t felt for a while. I’m proud to have it in my Bardugo collection, as a literally shining example of the texture and detail she continues to apply to her world.

Rating: 4 magnificent halos/5

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Anthology