The long, hot, Texan summer days and nights call for a refreshing round-up of easy, emotional, classic & fantastic summer reading picks by our Teen Press Corps members.

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Summer Reading Classics We Actually Like:

  • Ivy Francis M.: The Color Purple. Full of heart, a quick read, and a truly essential classic.
  • Georgia S.: The Kite Runner. Important conversations about friendship, redemption, war, and colliding cultures.
  • Isabel C.: Lord of the Flies. A thought-provoking survival story that delves into the conflict of good vs. evil. 
  • Rebecca C.: 1984. A must read for any person of society. It serves as an introduction to not only politics, but humanity as a whole.
  • Jillian K.: The Joy Luck Club. Out of all summer reading requirements this book was the only one that stuck with me. Mother-Daughter bonds throughout generations. Cultural and generational conflicts and lessons. Highlights the sacrifices we make in life to protect those we love, even if they will never recognize said sacrifice. 
  • Audrey L.: Little Women. A beautiful story of close sisterly relationships, growing up, and finding yourself, as the sisters learn how to keep going through problems that may arise, and the sadness that everyone inevitably has to face in life. The bonds between the sisters in this book are wonderful, realistic, and uplifting.

Easy Breezy Beach/Pool Reads:

  • Ivy Francis M.: Her Royal Highness. Light as a feather and sweet as can be, a wonderful, escapist romance.
  • Georgia S.: It Goes Like This. Explores friendship, fame, fandom, and emotions. My favorite book and it is very underrated!
  • Audrey L.: So This Is Ever After. A sweet and hilarious look at how the end of a journey isn’t always how one might imagine it will be. Romantic, diversive, and yeah, it has magic!

Rainy Day Reads:

  • Ivy Francis M.: The Electric Kingdom. Profound and exciting, David Arnold weaves a fantastic mystery with wonderful characters.
  • Georgia S.: The Girls I’ve Been. Fast-paced sapphic thriller (being made into a movie starring Millie Bobby Brown!)
  • Rebecca C.: My Year of Rest and Relaxation. A comical criticism of privilege and a sympathizer for anyone struggling with life. Features an unreliable, but stylish, narrator in Y2K New York City. On the adult side content-wise.


  • Ivy Francis M.: Binti. Blasted completely out of this world, Binti takes you far, far, away on a high sci-fi adventure.
  • Georgia S.: Plain Bad Heroines. Weaves a story past and present in a very unique way!
  • Rebecca C.: The Thousandth Floor. Dystopian glamor at its finest with a hint of class inequality. Keep reading the sequel for a con artist twist and so much more. Same author as American Royals.
  • Jillian K.: Six of Crows. One of my all time favorites! A gang of teenage criminals, big heists, wonderful world building, and amazing character development!! 

Summer Adventure: 

  • Ivy Francis M.: Meet Cute Diary. A romp through summer romances as our characters discover themselves and their passions.
  • Georgia S.: She’s Too Pretty to Burn. Modern day sapphic Picture of Dorian Gray retelling.
  • Rebecca C.: The Elephant at Belfast. Historical fiction about how a zookeeper finds mutual love with an elephant during the Belfast Blitz, a forgotten event of WWII.
  • Rebecca C.: Love & Olives. If you fell in love with Love and Gelato, you’ll swoon for Love and Olives. Liv reconnects with her father and meets Nico, ahem the eventual love interest, while helping her father film a documentary about Atlantis. Don’t let me forget about her father’s beachside bookstore!

Happy Summer Reading!