By Ivy Francis M.

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Twins Viola and Sebastian Messaline are inseparable (and indistinguishable), and Vi is sure she’ll have her brother by her side when they transfer to public school. But he decides to stay behind at the last minute, leaving Vi to face it alone. Arden High is nothing like the world Vi’s used to, with fairy royalty, ghostly staff, and a quirky collection of lovestruck students. Soon she finds herself tangled in a bisexual love triangle, with pranks, mixups, and ill-timed confessions galore—and there’s something awfully Shakspearean about all of it…

I loved Twelfth Grade Night! The art is adorable, fluctuating smoothly between simplified manga-style reactions and detailed, dramatic statement pieces. I was lucky to get a fully-colored ARC, and the blue, pink, and purple shading of the final act is masterful and dreamy. However, my favorite artistic aspect has to be the character designs, each one fantastically unique and stylized.

The story is sugar-sweet and breezy, never sticking too closely to the original plot and incorporating plenty of modern twists. Vi’s frustration and angst at being left behind adds a welcome anchor to a story that spends most of its time in fairyland, and the resolution of all her arcs, both earnest and ridiculous, is supremely satisfying. Whether you’re a full-time bardolator or just a general fan of bisexual drama, Twelfth Grade Night is sure to be a hit.

Rating: 4 heartthrob Antonios/5

Genre: Graphic Novel/LGBTQ+/Humor/Shakespeare retelling