By Georgia S.

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Have you ever summoned a ghost with your childhood best friend- who you may or may not have a crush on- to clear your father’s name after he is accused of killing three local teenagers? Me neither. But, if you somehow find yourself in that situation, I recommend picking up The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman for some advice.

Evelyn Mckenzie’s life falls apart after rumors spread that her father killed The Cliffside Trio. Although she and her friend Mina have magically cleared his name, Evelyn’s family is hit hard. Her mother signs her parental rights away and her older sister (who was dating one of The Cliffside Trio members when he was killed) moves out as soon as she can. Thus, Evelyn shuts herself off from the world because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. 

Evelyn swore not to summon any more spirits- that is until her boyfriend convinces her to steal an answer sheet for him and she gets caught. With her dream summer internship on the line, Evelyn decides to get some supernatural help; this time without the assistance of her experienced childhood friend. 

Saltwater has always been the best way to connect with spirits, but with sea levels rising and a polluted Long Island Sound, the dead are becoming more unstable. 

Mina Zanetti comes from a long line of mediums. Mina finally convinces her mother and uncle to let her help with the “family business”, but things quickly go astray. Evelyn’s meddling and Mina’s curiosity quickly reunite the former best friends as they uncover secret ghost hunters, a murder case, a corporate cover up, and family secrets. The girls do all of this while connected to the spirit of a young girl who is beginning to take more and more from them.

I began reading The Drowning Summer while on an 11 hour car ride. I got sucked into the fantastical world of mediums and ghosts. I did my best to ignore the car sickness so I could turn the next page and find out what happened next. 

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good sapphic summer mystery.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery/Paranormal/LGBTQ+/Romance