By Ivy Francis M.

Anne is a fabulous, sparkling, roller-skating disco nerd who can’t wait to make a splash in her new small-town home. But Greenville’s arms aren’t as open as Anne had hoped, and she’ll have to fight for her right to be unique with the help of her two moms, a cat named Bjorn, and a new friend who might grow into something more…

Anne of Greenville’s characters are as specific as it gets, from the quirky old lady next door to her hard-nosed daughter, the principal of Greenville High. Anne herself is the crown jewel of the set, factoids about her life and style delightfully sprinkled in throughout the story, perfectly communicating the experience of what it might be like to meet such a confident and chaotic person.

My only complaint is that the connection to Anne of Green Gables felt very unnecessary, but luckily never became distracting. I’m no Anne expert, but after reading some reviews from true Shirley-heads the novel is certainly inspired by her story, but ends up being so distant that the title of “retelling” doesn’t really ring true. 

However, Anne of Greenville is a great book in its own right! I highly recommend it to teen readers looking for a glittery-but-honest fish-out-of-water success story that goes down smoother than Anne’s dance moves.

Overall: three paper-mache disco balls/five

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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