By Audrey L.

Readers be advised of the following content warnings: Parental abuse, mentions of past kidnapping and rape, and mentions of traumatic moments.

Here the Crows are, hunkering down in Ketterdam. Without the 30 million kruge they were promised, Inej taken from them, and scheming to get what they’re owed. But Nina’s recovering from taking the drug Jurda Parem. And the rest of the Crows are being forced to face their pasts and figure out how to move forward. They need to fight the hardship and doubt that they face inside of them and use all of their cunning to take down the slime-ball that is Jan van Eck. Needless to say, it won’t be easy. They have a long and bumpy road ahead them. But if you think that anybody could keep down the Crows, well then, enjoy being the fool.

Alright, now what to start with for this book. First, it does not fall into the trap that some sequels do by being much more lackluster compared to book number one. This one isn’t just sufficient it completely exceeds expectations and worries by being on par with the first book. What does this mean exactly? It means that there are just as many twists and turns, hilarious and heartwarming dialogue, and epic character moments that we found in Six of Crows.

Not only do we get all of that in one 536-page package, but this books also comes with excellent character growth and a whole new POV. Yes, for any of you hoping to get Wylan’s perspective on the whole crazy and logic-defying situation that our Crows have found themselves in, well we finally have it!

I could honestly not recommend this book, or the duology in all of its entirety more. It kept me flipping pages like no other book has, and basically contemplating my entire real-life existence by its end. If you can handle a decent amount of violence, than you should definitely read it. This book is for anyone who thrives on the thrill of the adrenaline that comes from not always seeing what’s coming in a high-paced plot. The whole book is a riddle until the end, and its answer will leave you jaw-dropped and just wanting for more.

Rating: 5 crow canes/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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