Just in time for Halloween, it’s finally feeling like fall in Austin. Cozy up with the Teen Press Corps seasonal selection of books!

Sinister Reads:

  • Natalie F.: The Hunting Party. A group of friends meet up to celebrate New Years and are rudely interrupted by a murder. The wintry isolated atmosphere and hidden secrets waiting to unfold will keep you enthralled in this classic whodunnit story.
  • Isabel C.: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. A spooky book about an old house, the ghosts that haunt it, and the girl who possesses the power to communicate with them. Pick up this book this Halloween season to decide if that power is a blessing or a curse.
  • Georgia S.: The Honeys. Mars Matthias is awoken by his twin sister, Caroline, trying to kill him. Caroline dies while attempting this- “It was a brain tumor”, the mortician says- but Mars knows there is something more sinister going on. – Read the full review here.
  • Grey B.: My Sister the Serial Killer. What’s the best way to clean a crime scene? How do you move a dead body down four stories, while avoiding nosy neighbors? And how many deaths change a sister into a criminal? – Read the full review here.
  • Zoë G.: All of Us Villains. A story where the villains are the main characters and you would die for every single one of them. Each character has so much depth and if you want a dark read this is the one for you.

Dark Academia:

  • Natalie F.: Never Let Me Go. This is composed like a memoir in which Kathy looks back on minute experiences in her boarding school. Every small detail of this book has a shadowy and dream like tone that gives this book it’s dark autumnal energy.
  • Audrey L.: The Raven Boys. Four boys and one girl, desperately searching for an immortal sleeper, each nothing like the others. But they are equally bound by their relationships with each other, and mysterious/ frightening circumstances from their pasts. A book woven with intriguing folklore that’s both captivating and dark, it will grab hold of you, and won’t easily let go of you.

Cozy Autumn Vibes:

  • Isabel C.: Pride and Prejudice. A classic romance featuring the enemies to lovers trope, decadent balls, sisterly bonds, and a strong female protagonist.

Happy Halloween!