By Georgia S.

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Andrew has been traveling across states for months towards Washington D.C., hoping that the rumor of European help there may come true. He (literally) stumbles upon Jamison’s cabin after almost losing his leg to a bear trap. A deadly pathogen has wiped out most of the world, including the entirety of the boys’ families. They decide to travel to the capitol together after being threatened out of their cabin, but it is clear that foreign aid is not the only reason Andrew wants to move hundreds of miles- he is hiding something.

To be honest, I was worried about the backstory of this book. I don’t think many people want to read novels about the aftermath of COVID or anything related to the virus. However, I think Brown handled this obstacle very well. Although there are obvious connections between the pathogen that plagued Andrew and Jamison’s world and COVID, the latter that we have had to deal with is only mentioned in passing. It was a part of this fictional universe, but not what the story is centered around. 

Brown explores dark topics, such as losing loved ones and the hatred that can group people together, but his debut novel also explores young love, friendship, and everyone’s love for cinema.

Overall, I rate All That’s Left in the World 4 Nina Simone records out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.