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A List of Cages

Title: A List of Cages Author: Robin Roe On Sale: Now Review by: Addison  A List of Cages is one of the most powerful books that I’ve read. I’m not a very “I cry when I read sad books” kind of person, but A List of Cages actually brought me to tears.       Adam Blake is … Continue reading


Wintersong by S. Jae Jones Review by Sofia On Sale Now   Be careful what you wish for. In the Underground where the Goblin King lives, wishes have power. Liesl, a plain, unremarkable girl, grew up playing with the Goblin King in the Goblin Grove just outside of her family’s inn. Gifted with musical talent … Continue reading

Ever the Hunted

Title: Ever the Hunted Author: Erin Summerill Release Date:  On Sale Now Reviewed by: Katie   Britta Flannery has just lost her father, and her best friend, Cohen, is gone. With only her tracking skills, taught to her by her father, Britta must learn to survive on her own. And she does until she gets … Continue reading


Title: Scythe Author: Neal Schusterman Review by: Evelyn On Sale Now Citra and Roman don’t want to kill. Which makes them the perfect people for the job. In a society set during a Utopian future where all disease has been eradicated and humans live forever, there are Scythes. Scythes kill, and Scythes must kill, as … Continue reading

A Torch Against the Night

Title: A Torch Against the Night By: Sabba Tahir Review by: Maddy On Sale Now A Torch Against the Night should have been named A Torch Against My Heart, because after reading this book all that was left of it was was a pile of ashes. If you can get through this book without shedding … Continue reading

Letters to the Lost

Title: Letters to the Lost By: Brigid Kemmerer Review By: Aurora Available: Now   This story is life. Straight forward, no sugar coating. It taps into what it means to grieve, to regret, to live. That is what I love about Letters to the Lost. This story is all about finding someone who shares the … Continue reading

A Study in Charlotte

Title: A Study in Charlotte Author: Brittany Cavallaro Available: Now Reviewed By: Sofia Charlotte Holmes and James Watson are the great-great-great-grandchildren of the famous duo; Sherlock and Dr. Watson. In this first installment of their adventure together, Charlotte and James attend a boarding school in Connecticut. After the murder of a chauvinist jock, the pair … Continue reading

Only Daughter: The Plot Thickens

Only Daughter: The Plot Thickens

Title: Only Daughter Author: Anna Snoekstra Release Date: 9/20/16 Reviewed by: Miriam Rebecca Winters is living the life. A 16 year old girl going to parties with her friends, working with a hot guy, and hitting the pool with her little brothers, nothing could go wrong. . . or so she thought. Rebecca Winters was … Continue reading

The Ring & Crown: Awesome Female Characters

The Ring & Crown: Awesome Female Characters

Title: The Ring & Crown Author: Melissa De La Cruz Release Date: 5/19/15 Reviewed by: Emily There was less historical fiction/ political intrigue and more fantasy romance, but there were lots of awesome female characters. None of them were physically strong, but they were special and important in their own ways. Marie– She turns down … Continue reading

The Cresswell Plot: Delivers A Great Mystery

The Cresswell Plot: Delivers A Great Mystery

Title: The Cresswell Plot Author: Eliza Wass Release Date: 6/7/16 Reviewed by: Katie The Cresswell Plot by Eliza Wass tells the haunting story of Castella Cresswell’s different life as she begins to come of age and think for herself. She lives with her five siblings- Hannan, Casper, Mortimer, Delvive, and Jerusalem- and her mom and … Continue reading

Queen Of Hearts: Morbid & Malicious

Queen Of Hearts: Morbid & Malicious

Title: Queen of Hearts Author: Colleen Oaks Release Date: 5/3/16 Reviewed by: Evelyn Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oaks is a deliciously morbid book which twists the well-known Wonderland into a cruel kingdom lead by a violent and malicious King of Hearts. Dinah, the king’s daughter, Princess of Hearts, and heir to the throne, is … Continue reading