Title: Otherbound
Author: Corrine Duyvis
Release Date: 06/17/2014
Reviewed by: Miriam

Nolan wishes his life could be perfect, and it is, except for one thing ruining it all. His seizures, for which he takes tons of different medications, but nothing helps. Everyone thinks they know why medications don’t work for him, but they really don’t. Nolan’s seizures are different – when he blinks he gets transported to another world and into the mind of Amara, a mute serving girl. Although his world is just as important to the story, Amara’s world is filled with magic and danger. Amara constantly protects her princess from deadly spells that are sent her way in assassination attempts. Even if Nolan’s glimpses of Amara’s mind and world are just for the blink of an eye, or for a full seizure, Nolan gets enough information that he begins to wonder if Amara needs help and if he might be able to be the person to provide it.

This is a really cool spin on time-travel, and alternate universes. I love reading about how different Amara’s and Nolan’s worlds are. Towards the end of the story, things begin to intensify and I could hardly put the book down. I really like this book, and I greatly enjoy reading about the lives of Nolan and Amara – both difficult for them in different ways. If you are a reader looking for a book with action, other universes, and magic, then this is definitely the book for you.