We have 4 more days until the big day!!! We are counting down and spot-lighting all the panels, and authors of the fest!



The With Great Powers panel focuses on dark powers and perilous animate the pages of these magical tales. You won’t want to miss it, because with great power . . . comes great storytelling. (What, were you expecting us to say something else?)



Traci Chee is the author of The Reader, her debut novel (which has also already been translated into German). She graduated from UC Santa Cruz after studying literature and creative writing. She also got a Master of Arts Degree from San Francisco State University. She still lives in California, except now in the mountains with her dog instead of in the cities.

Fun facts About Traci Chee:

1.Dabbles in egg painting
2.Hosts potluck game nights for her family and friends
3.Grew up in a small town with less people than cows
4.Often goes hiking in the mountains
5.Loves paper crafts




CC Hunter is the author of the Shadow Falls series. She is coming to TTBF for her Midnight Hour, the latest addition to the series. She has also written many adult books (fiction and nonfiction) along with numerous articles. Hunter grew up in Alabama, but now lives in Texas with her husband, 4 rescued cats, and a dog.

Fun Facts About C.C. Hunter:
1.Enthralled with Fireflies (or as she calls them, Lightning Bugs)
2.Photography is a huge part of her life
3.Her articles and photographs have been shown in almost 3000 national magazines
4.Her real name is Christie Craig
5.As a kid, she use to save princes, aka bullfrogs, from her brother




We also have the acclaimed Kendare Blake. She seems to have a love for dark stories, including Sleepwalk Society, Anna Dressed In Blood, Girl Of Nightmares, and the Goddess War Series. She was also part of the anthologies Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and Violent Ends. She’s here at TTBF to promote Three Dark Crowns, a highly anticipated book about three princesses with elemental powers having to fight each other for the crown. Now that sounds like a must-read!


Fun Facts about Kendare Blake:


  1. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, but she doesn’t speak any Korean, though, because she was adopted by a couple from the United States.
  2. She reads all of her reviews and comments about her books. She even answers any questions her fans ask her on Goodreads.
  3. She lives Kent, Washington with her husband. They have two cats and a dog named Obi Dog Kenobi.



Katherine Catmull is coming to TTBF for her newest novel, The Radiant Road. She has also written Summer and Bird and stories in The Cabinet of Curiosities, as well as several short plays. She was born in Salt Lake City, but has lived in a handful of places since then and now lives somewhere in the Austin area. Catmull graduated from Reed College with a BA in English Lit and also received her MA in Lit from UT Austin.

Fun Facts about Katherine Catmull:

1.Blogs for Fusebox Festival
2.Does voice work for online videogames
3.Frequently acts on stage at different Austin Venues
4.Occasionally writes articles for the Austin Chronicle
5.Her zodiac sign is Cancer




TTBF is excited to have the amazing E.K. Johnston. She’s written amazing books such as The Story of Owen Duology (The Story of Owen and Prairie Fire) and Exit, Pursued by a Bear. Here at TTBF she is promoting one of her newest books Spindle, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and a companion to her acclaimed book A Thousand Nights, which is a retelling of the classic The Arabian Nights. She also has two more books coming soon—Star Wars: Ahsoka and That Inevitable Victorian Thing. E.K. Johnston writes in lots of genres! From fantasy to realistic fiction to Star Wars! So, don’t miss out on meeting Johnston and getting Spindle and her other books at the TTBF!


Fun Facts about E.K. Johnston:


  1. Johnston decided to use her initials because “that’s what C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien did, and it seems to have worked out pretty well for them.”
  2. Her actual name is Kate, because of her father’s admiration of Katharine Hepburn.
  3. Before she became a published writer, she had several jobs.
  4. She lives in Ontario, Canada.