Review by Ivy M.

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Clap When You Land is certainly a must-read for Acevedo fans, as the power of her writing only increases with each novel. The story is fast-paced but small-scoped, clearly focusing on the sister’s perspective, squeezing every drop of story possible out of their journeys with grief and reconnection. The writing stays the line between poetry and prose, never falling too far into abstraction while also keeping detail light and feeling front-and-center.

I’d gladly read more of Yahaira and Camino’s story, as their climatic collision occurred towards the end of the novel and the sister’s relationship only just began to bloom. Overall, this book is raw, precious, and faceted, accurately reflecting the emotional waves that crash in the wake of tragedies.

Rating: 3/5

Genre: Novel-in-verse/Contemporary/LGBTQIA