Connor, Risa, and Lev continue their life after the Happy Harvest incident. None of them live the life they thought they would and all of them will find themselves faced with unending challenges. Connor continues life as the Admiral of the Graveyard, with Risa as his right hand gal. Things aren’t perfect, but at least they’re holding together. But when a simple run to the hospital goes horribly wrong, the ball for a chain of events including betrayal and mutiny, things could get far, far worse. Lev’s life isn’t so great either. Once a clapper comes for him, the little piece of his old life that he scraped together is destroyed and he must continue on and find a new place for himself. Risa can’t even imagine the winding road her life will take or if her beliefs will be able to withstand it. As life goes on for these three, the future of unwinding comes to life, a “rewind” if you will. Secrets to the reason of unwind are discovered and its dark history will come to light. Will our three heroes be able to change the future of unwinding or will they just become another name on the list of unwound AWOLs?

Quite honestly I had a hard time finishing this novel. It had been so long since I’d read Unwind (3 years to be exact) that I had to go back and look up all the characters I had forgotten! The extra research aside, I really enjoyed this sequel. I liked the way Neal Shusterman added in more of the history of unwinding and the way the characters are all put on a separate path. The suspense of knowing the inevitable events that were coming could only be a chapter, or even a page away, really sets your teeth grinding. My favorite thing, however, was that when those inevitable events finally came, they were still awesome and totally riddled with surprise after surprise.

— Laura

About the Book:
Title: Unwholly
Author: Neal Shusterman
Release Date: 08/2012