The new year is here, but the Teen Press Corps would like to take a moment to look back
at some of their favorite reads of 2013! Here are Kendall’s Top 3 of 2013:

1. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

“This has to be my favorite book of this year! My favorite genre is horror but I had so much fun reading Steelheart that I could not put it down! It was highly entertaining and action packed with twist and turns of awesomeness!”

2. Zom-B (Series) by Darren Shan

I Love Horror! I am Darren Shan’s biggest fan and have been reading his books for years now. I was no doubt a huge fan of his Cirque Du Freak series and now we have his new Zom-B series and it’s no different for me! Darren Shan does horror well and his books certainly don’t disappoint.”

3. The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

“I loved the Vampire Academy series and now we have a spin off! If you didn’t know, Adrian Ivashkov is my favorite character with his wit and charm. I am so glad to have a couple of more books with him in it!”