the secrets we keep

Title:The Secrets We Keep
Author: Trisha Leaver
Release Date: April 2015
Reviewed by: Emma

Ella Lawton has always lived in her sister Maddy’s shadow, but she wants it that way. She is kind, geeky, and school focused, while her sister is popular, ruthless, and full of secrets. After a tragic car accident that Ella feels she’s caused kills Maddy, and a horrible misunderstanding follows, Ella decides to become Maddy, and to live the life that she will never have on her own.

Soon, Ella finds out that her twin sister was more than just her popular facade, and harbored lots secrets — deadly secrets — that kept her at the top of the social food chain. Ella is faced with two options: keep living her sister’s life, or coming clean and returning to her own.

This is a wonderful book that shows what lengths people will go for someone they love. Even though the plot-line is a bit outlandish — Ella giving up her life to live her sister’s — it shows how much she will do for her twin. Trisha Leaver writes wonderfully and she pulls readers into the sisters’ story. I really thought the characters and the story were wonderful and I wish there was more for me to read!