Hey Carry On and general Rainbow Rowell fans!!!!

How are you? I’m good. Yeah, I’m fine. That is, I was fine until 4 hours ago (From when I’m writing this) when Rainbow dropped this with no explanation:

wayward son


This is not a drill. (Heh heh. Cause, fire. Flames. Fire drill.) The notoriously sketchy topic of whether or not there would be a Carry On sequel, or at least another book set in the World of Mages, has finally been cryptically answered. And of course, Rainbow pulled artist Kevin Wada in on it to add an extra colorful punch to this awesome announcement.  

I’m not going to rant for five more paragraphs or add a bunch of reaction GIFs or whatever. All I can say is that I’m thankful to Rainbow for writing this, even if it is going to take so long. I don’t know if a second book (TO BE RELEASED 5 YEARS AFTER THE FIRST) was ever in the cards for Carry On, or if Wayward Son is just going to be fanservice, but at this point, I don’t care.

Carry On was never about writing the most mind-bending book ever. It, in its essence, is 500 pages of fanfiction Rainbow wrote of fanfiction her character wrote of a fictional world created by a fictional author which is a parody of Harry Potter. Carry On IS fanservice. It’s also fun and feels and finding out a sequel is being written through cryptic and sexy cover art dropped two years before the sequel is to be released.

Anyways. Carry on, y’all

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is available now!