Messy is sequel to one of my favorite books, Spoiled. In the first book, Molly learns that her father is the oh-so famous Brick Berlin, and Molly has a half-sister, Brooke. The only issue is that Brooke isn’t exactly the nicest of sisters, and isn’t about to help Molly when Molly needs her the most. In Messy, it’s from Brooke and Max’s, Molly’s best friend, point of view. Brooke is starting a blog about her upcoming acting career, and she hires Max to be her ghost blogger.
Things are going great until Brooke starts to realize that people are liking her because of the blog, and on the blog she is this smart, hilarious, and thoughtful girl, and in real life? Not so much. And Max wants credit for the fame the blog has gotten her, especially when it’s preventing her from getting the boy she is really starting to like…
The two main characters in this book are hilarious. Between Brooke’s inner thoughts to Max’s remarks, this book is all over the place. The situations the girls get themselves into make me want to cover my eyes at let the scene pass, I feel so bad for them. I read this book in the matter of two days because it’s that amazing. I can’t wait for the third one! (If there is a third one!)
About the Book:
Title: Messy
Author:  Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Release Date: 06/2012