All summer I have been on the hunt for a good cliché romance summer book (being the hopeless romantic that I am). Thanks to a representative of Razorbill I was blessed with the opportunity of receiving The Innocents by Lili Peloquin. This book is every teenage girls dream!

The Innocents is about two sisters, Charlie and Alice, who, due to their mother’s new marriage, are newly rich and the “new girls” of the rich society of Serenity Point. Charlie, the more exuberant sister, immediately aims for being at the top of the popularity pyramid and intends to have the best summer possible and make the best out of being the new girl in town. Alice, the wallflower, isn’t as fast at taking action as Charlie and spends time observing the society of Serenity Point before making any moves. Before they know it the girls are in a world of drama, mystery, and incredibly attractive boys! This book is full of romance, and fantastically shows the difference between the experiences of two very different sisters who are placed in the same situation, and how they each face their different journeys.

I highly recommend this book to teenage girls who are looking for a good teenage romance novel that is a quick and incredibly fun read. I personally could not put this book down! This story is incredibly well written and it leaves you desperately wanting to know more!

P.S. Just a little heads up the sequel comes out next summer and if I am chosen to read it I will release the review as quickly as possible!

— Jacqueline

About the Author:
Title: The Innocents
Author: Lili Peloquin
Release Date: 10/2012