It’s Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars.

When sisters Alice and Charlie move into “wealthy-beyond-belief” step-father Richard Flood’s summer mansion, Serenity Point, Connecticut couldn’t seem more unlike these two girls. Confusing and astonishing mysteries of Richard’s dead wife and daughter still haunt his world of champagne-tasting adolescents, town gossiping, and designer sportswear. Only now, this lifestyle of the rich and bored has been passed down to his two new daughters. They’re suddenly introduced to Tommy, a boy still torn about his dead girlfriend Camilla. With that tags along Jude, an eye-rolling jerk still dealing with daddy-issue demons. But wherever there is Jude, there is Cybill, a bratty model-esque girl sucked into his world of mixed signals. The two sisters couldn’t have been drawn in more. Not only that, but they begin to slowly drift away from each other, breaking promises of being eternally close-knit.

And all because of a dead girl, Camilla Flood, who’s spirit is more alive than anyone can fathom.

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will eat this enticing mystery read up and be scraping for more, watching Alice dig further into the supposed “suicide” of Camilla while attempting to mend broken-hearted and adorably handsome Tommy. But with the twisted and ever-changing turmoil of drama that reminds us of Gossip Girl, Charlie will find her attraction to Jude growing by the second, but stunted by Cybill’s strange relationship she has with him. An aura of secrets and dark intentions loom over the mystic Serenity Point. Pick up this book when it releases because brand new author Lili Peloquin is offering us a to-be series filled with soap opera drama, murder mystery, and unique characters all searching for answers.

— Shelby

About the Book:
Title: The Innocents
Author: Lili Peloquin
Release Date: 10/2012