ever the hunted

Title: Ever the Hunted

Author: Erin Summerill

Release Date:  On Sale Now

Reviewed by: Katie


Britta Flannery has just lost her father, and her best friend, Cohen, is gone. With only her tracking skills, taught to her by her father, Britta must learn to survive on her own. And she does until she gets caught poaching. She is left to make a choice: find her father’s killer or be executed. The only problem is that her father’s killer is her best (and only) friend. She must discover the truth of her father’s murder, even if it means sending her friend to his death.

Malam and Shaerdan are on the brink of war. The Shaerdan are chanellers able to use magic on the world around them. But they are also the ones the people of Malam blame for everything. Britta must deal with a past linked to Shaerdan while being despised by those in Malam. Tensions are running high and troops are mounting on the borders.

Despite all this, she must go on the journey to find her father’s killer in the midst of magic and a brewing war. She will discover the things that make her different make her dangerous.

Even though Erin Summerill is a debut author, it feels like she’s been in the game for years. She managed to pull me in after only a couple of pages and kept me reading long into the night with plot twist after plot twist! The ending was a total surprise and left me very eager for the next book in the series. I would definitely recommend this to those who love fantasy and romance!