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Since this summer is packed full of new on-screen superhero content, here are three of the most-hyped movies and shows matched with a YA pick you’re sure to enjoy.


Cloak and Dagger → Runaways: Find Your Way Home

The new FreeForm show that I’m totally in love with categorizes itself closer as a teen drama than a capes and cowls show, and if that’s what you like you’ll love Runaways: Find Your Way Home. This is a revamp of an older comic that features a group of teens whose parents are supervillains. The older comic even has a cameo of Cloak and Dagger where they come to LA to help out the Runaways.

The Incredibles 2 → Not Your Sidekick

If you enjoy a sort-of satire with a cartoonish feel, Not Your Sidekick should be added to your TBR pile. It’s set in an original super universe filled with mystery and corruption. The heroes and villains are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and you’re sure to fly (heh) through this super-fantastic and underappreciated read.


Ant-Man and the Wasp → Renegades

If you’re insanely pumped for the next Marvel installment, quell your enthusiasm with Lunar Chronicles author Marissa Meyer’s action-packed Renegades. If you haven’t already read Renegades, you should, because hot dang. The battle scenes are more real than any I’ve ever read, and the characters are fun and relatable, their emotions mattering more than their powers.


By: Ivy