My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma


my so called bollywood life

Review by: Ivy 

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Winnie is an awesome, smart, and funny protagonist. While the plot was fairly basic and dramatic, like any good Bollywood movie, the romance was swoony, the heroine was fierce, and it all turned out OK after a song-and-dance number. Rating: Four/Five

For Fans Of: Sandhya Menon, Bollywood movies, American Born Chinese

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Destiny needs to be believed in for it to come true.”
  • “Winnie, when I first saw you, the giant lens that I’ve had on my future came into focus. It was like everything was blurry before, and then when you arrived, it was crystal clear.”
  • “I think I understand why Bollywood movies have songs,” he said. “They understand that sometimes people feel so much they have to sing and dance about it.”